BMA - British Medical Association

What we stand for

We are committed to:

  • Promoting equal rights and opportunities

  • Supporting diversity

  • Creating an open and inclusive environment for our members, employees and stakeholders.

What we do

We support our members:

  • In their professional lives

  • Advocate for fairness and equality in the medical profession

  • Negotiate for better pay and working conditions. 

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MDU - Medical Defence Union

About us:

  • The world's first medical defence organisation

  • Over 130 years' experience of assisting members when their clinical practice is called into question

  • Mutual not-for-profit organisation

  • UK market leader for medical defence

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Medical Protection

About us:

  • We are the world’s leading medical defence organisation with over 200,000 members globally, protecting doctors from claims and complaints that are made against them in their clinical practice. Our philosophy is to support safe practice in medicine. Through our extensive library of risk prevention resources; from face to face workshops and online learning to podcasts and webinars, we help doctors avoid problems from happening in the first place.

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360 Medics

Founded in 2014 by a French radiotherapist, Grégoire Pigné, 360 medics is now the go-to app for over 400,000 healthcare professionals and medical students! This 100% free app brings together all the tools and resources medical students and doctors may need in their daily studies and practice. 360 medics is a medical search engine and provides quick access to reliable and relevant answers to medical questions.

Our app will be a lifesaver whether in lectures or on the ward, giving you all the medical info you need. To download for free and for more information, check it out here!