Students providing necessities to Nottingham’s homeless population, twice a week, all year round.

Souprunners is a non-profit student-led organisation purely run by University of Nottingham students. We are a body made up of individuals from all subjects, years of study and backgrounds!

Homelessness in Nottingham is growing at an alarming rate and the available level of support offered is simply not enough to meet this rising demand. Therefore, many homeless people rely on Souprunners’ handouts of food, hot drinks, clothing and equipment (i.e. sleeping bags) to survive and get back on their feet.

Our project’s aim is to help some of the hundreds of people currently homeless in Nottingham. With the help of our student volunteers we provide 2 weekly soupruns on Sundays and Tuesdays at 8pm in the city centre providing food, hot drinks, essentials and information on further available support to Nottingham’s homeless population.

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President: Harriet Conley

Gen Sec: Imogen Anna Vinelott Bacon

Paulomi Sengupta

Treasurer: Ravinder Kaur