Musical Medics

The Nottingham Musical Medics Society is a long-running group of musical ensembles who balance their medical studies with their love of music. Whether you are a keen musician with grades and awards, a rusty former player, or a newbie hoping to develop your talents, we have a place for you!

Our main ensembles, the Orchestra, Choir and Jazz Band, meet weekly, playing music chosen by their members and student conductors in preparation for our Christmas and Summer concerts. There are also opportunities to form your own groups or perform solo.

We maintain an active schedule of social events, and often find ourselves in the pub after rehearsals. Recent events include dinner at MOD Pizza and the Pudding Pantry.

There are no auditions, and new joiners can enjoy their first few rehearsals for free. If you're looking for a more casual musical experience at university, with a group who understand the extra commitments Healthcare courses demand of us, then this is the society for you.

Current Rehearsal Schedule:
Mondays @ Djangly Recital Hall

Orchestra - 1930-2030

Drinks and Biscuits - 2030-2045

Jazz and Choir - 2045-2145

Please join our Facebook group! All of our admin is done through that.


Today's inspirational quote: "You can be quiet and confident at the same time, you know?" - Arya Ghatge, Conductor

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President: Beth Challis

Vice-President: Meghna Patel

Treasurer: Jacob Piechota