MedSoc Committee 2020-21

Committee Members

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Pascal Vogiaridis


Pascal will be MedSoc’s President for the coming year. Arguably Greece's finest

export since feta, Pascal "No Nuts" Vogiaridis fortunately decided to follow in the footsteps of his great-grandfather Hippocrates and pursue a career in healthcare. As a result, Medsoc has gained a fun, friendly, talented musician and rugby player.


Commonly mistaken for Harry Potter, Pascal is sure to cast his spell and lead the

student body through this Pandemic with finesse. What he lacks in height he makes

up for in sheer personality and is undoubtedly a rock of the Medsoc community.


Sid Aboobaker

Vice President for Events

Meet Sid, your Vice President for Events!! Having been on committee since the start of his time at med school, his commitment is unparalleled & there’s nothing Sid wouldn’t do for MedSoc!! Known for being a teetotal party animal, his greatest talent is his ability to regularly complete Crisis All Nighters (with the help of several Red Bulls & Monsters) & still make 9AMs (although his attendance is now becoming somewhat questionable...)!


When he’s not busy partying, he can be found letting off some steam on the tennis

court, napping, or making his 3rd omelette of the day!! Sid is super enthusiastic &

friendly & loves a good natter with everyone, & aims to ensure everyone feels happy &

included, so don’t hesitate to stop & have a chat with him if you ever need anything!!

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Jay Mansfield

Vice President for Activities & Welfare 

Jay “Beast” Mansfield is Essex’s finest export since Olly Murs. Jay always throws

himself into medic activities and is bound to be down to help people out. I know he may look intimidating, but I promise you this bear doesn’t bite!


When he’s not out on the rugby pitch snapping people’s ankles, you’ll most likely

find Jay in a Maccies, sinking his teeth into a big tasty. One of the best people ever, he’s bound to be a great VP!


Roshni Jutha


Meet Roshni, your Treasurer, a friendly gal who loves a night out in Ocean. Did

she mention that she loves sleeping? Yes, it’s true she can nap anywhere and everywhere!


She’s always there for people to talk to whether that be in the med school or

medics bar. Also, she’s an amazing team player whether that be on the rugby pitch, netball court or in a meeting :)


Pradipta (Pro) Debnath

General Secretary

When it comes to organising events and taking meeting minutes, this Bangladeshi

boy is an absolute PRO. An echo champion, stand-up comedian, blogger, YouTuber, meme creator - is there anything he cannot do?!


He is super friendly and can usually be found in his favourite place in the world- the

silent study area of the library (although beware, he loves to PROcrastinate

whenever he can...). He will be organising the virtual Welcome Fair, so look out for

that! A member of multiple committees and a lover of challenges, he will be a fantastic General Secretary for MedSoc!

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Hannah Elliot

Social Sec

Meet Hannah, one of your social secs for the year. She’s a fun, lively, work hard play hard type of girl. When she’s out she’s out, but Hannah has also mastered the skill of somehow always getting to that lecture, even after a big night out. As Vice Captain for Uni cheerleading last year Hannah’s planning skills are top of the pyramid, so get ready for the best organised chaos of your life.


Having been to many a social in her lifetime, Hannah knows how to throw a good one, so you really are in for a treat! Together, Hannah and Nav will be sure to make your year one to remember (or not!)

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Arnav Dutta

Social Sec

Fluttering in from the depths of the Essex (although he will claim London), meet the social butterfly that is Arnav Dutta! Having spent the first two years of his university life studying MedSoc social events to an incredible depth (which of course meant he had to attend every single one of them), Arnav has decided to grace the Medical School with his newfound knowledge, forming half of this year’s amazing social sec duo.


Once lockdown is over, if you ever want to meet this wonderful gent in person make sure you attend the exciting events he will be organising, any medics rugby game, or if all else fails, just head to medics' bar at Ocean and he is sure to find you, although the quality of conversation cannot be guaranteed!

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Krishna Savadia

ENTs Officer

Sorry to quote Rihanna, but Krishna will put in ‘work’ (x6) to make sure you have THE best time at all the events being planned this year! She knows how to put on the most memorable events–from decor to themes, her stylings are unmatched. You can count on her to be the first person to start the party and the last to leave!


Outside of the events, Krishna’s inviting warmth will make you feel welcomed and will put a smile on your face. One thing is for certain, this year’s events will definitely be worth the wait!

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Ellie Reid

Welfare Officer

With experience like being head of Medsoc Support and raising Guide Dog

puppies, there’s no one better to look after your welfare than Ellie...however, after a bucket of lash and some questionable gymnastics on a night out she’ll inevitably be the one needing it...


Most likely found working hard in the library, bay-watching in Ocean, or on the netball court, Ellie is constantly on the go, but she’ll always be down for a chat and a garlic bread.


Sanjana Mamidipalli

Publicity Officer

Meet your new Publicity Officer: Sanjana, all the way from Mumbai, India! As your Publicity Officer, she's here to show off all the amazing events that MedSoc have to offer which you’ll see displayed very colourfully EVERYWHERE. But she’ll be much more than that! Not only is she very creative and approachable but she’s also multi-

talented: this girl plays badminton & enjoys playing the piano. She also loves to read (ask her for the best book recommendations).


She makes the most amazing cup of chai just before chatting to you about your day and spices up your life when she’s dancing to old Bollywood classics on the way back from a night out. A interesting fact about Sanjana is that she has lived in Japan for 6 years, making for a worldly & lively addition to MedSoc!

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Arbi Hasanaj

Sports Officer

The name Arbi Hasanaj doesn’t bring to mind future Olympian or professional

sportsman but the title of average all-rounder...maybe. He has his fingers in many pies, catch him bragging about doing Thai boxing at DRSV or attempting to kick a football on the 3G. However, what he lacks in raw talent he makes up for in enthusiasm, organisation and support.


MedSoc has acquired someone who will strive to promote medic sports and have the interest of every team at heart when it comes to making challenging decisions that will undoubtedly present themselves considering the current pandemic climate.

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Paulomi Sengupta

International Rep

MedSoc’s very own ‘yes woman’ there’s no sport, club or society she won’t have a go at. Whether it’s Nottingham Nightline or rock climbing at DRSV, you can always be sure Paulomi has a jammed packed schedule.


Catch her on a night out either having stick-on bra fiascos or just generally being a liability by the fact she’s being carried home by midnight. Be warned, due to the fact she is the friendliest person you’ll ever meet and knows literally every person on campus, walking around uni will take 3 times as long than normal.

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Anjali Mehta

Societies Officer

When she’s not talking about how she’s from Burundi (a tiny country in East Africa), Anjali can be found staying late in the Medical School, attending extra talks in the hope of finding free food. One of the friendliest faces you’ll ever come across, she claims to not be competitive but challenge her to a game of Connect-4 and you’ll soon learn that she is ruthless. An avid fan of Nutella and Biscoff, she will be working up an appetite for more by keeping active in the gym, scuba diving, or ‘singing’ (more like screeching) Bollywood songs. As your new Societies Co-ordinator, feel free to get in touch with her about anything society related and she will be happy to help out!

 Tip: Give her food and she’ll do anything!!!

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Monisha Gupta

Charities Officer

When she’s not focusing on her journey to becoming a world renowned kazoo player, Monisha can be found participating in a multitude of uni societies. Whether it’s NUMFC Ladies, Medics Cheer Nottingham Marrow, Uniboob or Nottingham Adventure Medicine, she’ll be there (bonus points if you catch her on shift in the SU Spar).


On nights out you can find her paralytic in Ocean’s medic bar or hiding her tears with her infamous alien glasses. It truly is her wild personality that will make her a great charity rep for this year.

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Dilan Ozdemir

2nd Year Rep

QMC’s very own ‘Kurdish queen’, you might recognise Dilan from her hair that’s won awards (no, really) or from her occasional appearances at dnb festivals. When she’s not busy matching up medic families or saving lives with Street Doctors you can find her flipping waffles at a questionable shisha lounge or throwing shapes at Ink (don’t worry she secretly likes Ocean too).


Outgoing (she actually knows EVERYONE), lively, & super approachable - she’ll probably start acting like your mum before you know it - you’ve got the whole package in this year’s 2nd Year Rep ;)

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Navya Nijil

2nd Year Rep

The kind of person us medics love and hate, Navya is humble (sometimes) and somewhat dedicated to her cause. When she isn’t singing the songs and praises of Hamilton, she’s picking fights with people 3 feet taller than her, and making bad puns. No seriously, really outrageously awful puns.


A totally social butterfly who loves (playfully) peer-pressuring her friends, Navya can be found bringing hand sanitiser to clubs (pre-COVID-19) and making her favourite purchase: a team ticket. Definitely the kind of chaotic dependability you want in a 2nd Year rep.

Sponsorship Officer

Meet Alisha; one of the funniest, kindest and quite frankly one of the coolest medics out there! Always looking for Percy Pig discounts at M&S and free food outside lecture theatres, rest assured - Alisha is perfect for this role. With stalking skills at par with the FBI, she is ready to secure some of the best deals you can possibly imagine!


An avid sports-lover, she is passionate about anything fitness-related, and if not in the library, she is guaranteed to be found either swimming, cycling, skipping, playing badminton, squash, tennis...(genuinely, the list goes on...) The biggest ice cream fan out there, she has a choco-LOT ideas for the year to come, and is so MOOtivated that she wouldn’t even mind working on Sundaes!


Fergus Newing

4th Year Rep

There is nothing Fergus wouldn't do for Medsoc, in fact his dedication is rivalled only by his love of doing outrageous things for charity, such as wearing tights, cross dressing and getting dangerously close to geese! When he's not winning the Tangy Tom challenge, you'll find him pouting in the Crisis photo booth or showing off his unrivalled dancing skills in Ocean whilst belting Country Roads at the top of his voice. Make sure you get to know Fergus as you can be sure he'll do the best to make sure your year is as amazing as possible. 

Website and Communications Officer

This is a ‘learning on the job’ kind of gig for Lily. With minimal experience but maximum enthusiasm she is here to keep you in the loop with the latest and greatest of MedSoc. With a "more wine, less whine" type of attitude Lily will be able to ensure the website and communications this year are the best yet!


As a keen ex-footballer and violinist for musical medics Lily knows how to be part of a team, and what better group to join than the 2020/21 MedSoc committee.

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Laura Owler

5th Year Rep

Laura is old. Like, really old. This is her 6th year at Nottingham. That's why she's perfect to represent her fellow elders of the med school, as 5th year rep. In terms of trying to keep young, she's a cyclist, and tends to also run and swim away from her problems, probably unsurprising that triathlon and Laura go well together. However, 4 nights out a week has changed to 4 nights out a year... enjoy your youth whilst it lasts, Laura will tell you. But, a perk of being an ancient relic of Nottingham is being very clued up on every year of the medical school, so Laura's perfect to advise you on everything you might need to know about your journey through the years. A friendly face that runs on coffee and food, you'll probably see her with Issy (welfare) a lot as they run the Uon education network for the med school - nothing like keeping yourself busy in your final year!

BME Officer

Fresh from the mean streets of north West London’s middle class suburbia,

Keya (your fave insta activist) takes up yet another committee position to be your BME rep for this year.


When she’s not seeking out the lost descendants of Bertie the Hallward cat

around campus you can find her downing shots at Oceans medics bar or

skipping lectures to have a cheeky Portland Chinese for lunch.

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Alisha Gupta

Lily Morris

Keya Pindolia